Teen Extreme Youth Camp

our team

Charles Craig

Mr. Chuck Craig

Camp Director

Mr. Craig is known for his fervent desire to influence young people for Christ. His contagious enthusiasm inspires staff members and campers alike as they catch a glimpse of his heart for the Lord. Mr. Craig thoroughly enjoys his role as Camp Director.

Mr. Justin Ludka

Program Director

Mr. Ludka’s love for God and other people is evidenced in his daily life. His biggest desire is to grow more like Jesus every day and see others do the same thing. To him, helping young people know God better is one of the most exciting privileges in life!

Justin Ludka
Asupa Leota

Miss Asupa Leota

Camp Assistant

Miss Leota’s ambition for ministry is influencing the next generation for Christ. She has a passion for helping young people find their value in God. To her, the most rewarding part of her day is seeing campers make the decision on their own to trust Christ! Supa is delighted to serve another summer as the Camp Assistant at Teen Extreme!

Daniel Williams

Music Director

Mr. Williams’s desire is to see young people come to Christ. He is always willing to help serve and use his abilities in any way possible to be a light to those around him. He is excited to be able to see young people’s love for God grow as he leads them in worshipping the Lord as the Song Leader at Teen Extreme.

Daniel Williams

Camp Staff

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  • Teen Extreme Staff

Along with the camp directors, the staff is composed of students from Pensacola Christian College who’ve dedicated their summer to serving teens. Their main desire is to help campers grow in their relationship with Christ. Before camp begins, the students go through vigorous training in preparation for the arrival of the teens.

From the start of camp on Monday to the closing breakfast on Friday, the staff is alongside the teens, building relationships at every activity, meal, and during recreation time. They lead their team through competition game time and share the Word of God during nightly devotions. At least two staff members stay on every floor in the residence halls, making them available to meet campers’ needs 24/7.

Our Mission

To provide an energetic camping environment that includes extreme sport and team activities with a focus on spiritual growth and development