Teen Extreme Youth Camp


  • Dining
  • Dining
  • Dining
  • Dining
  • Dining

You’ll be able to choose from plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—including low-calorie, gluten-free, and comfort food—in the Four Winds dining hall. If you want something different, you can try out the Palms Grille on-campus restaurant (which also sells Papa John’s pizza), or relax in the Common Grounds Café. You’ll also have snack options at The Hub and The Hut in the Sports Center, too. Extra money will be needed to purchase food outside the Four Winds dining hall.


Grow from challenging Bible messages, get the most out of being at camp, then go to your carpeted, air-conditioned residence hall room for a good night's sleep. If you want to grab a quick snack or something to drink, you can just head downstairs to the Pelican (in the women’s residence hall) or Gearbox (in the men’s residence hall). Don’t forget to bring some spending money!

You’ll have

  • 2 twin-sized bunk beds per room (4 beds total)
  • One bathroom with a shower per room or suite
  • Common areas with sofas and tables on every floor
  • Laundry rooms in each residence hall*
    *Just add money to your Campus Card to pay
  • Ice and vending machines throughout the building