Teen Extreme Youth Camp

Group FAQs


Are the residence halls co-ed? Can married couples stay together?

Campers are separated into residence halls by gender, so married couples aren’t allowed to stay together there. Married couples may stay separately in the residence halls, but must find accommodations in the Campus House or off campus to stay together.

How can I make sure my group rooms together?

Church groups always room together, and campers from different church groups never room together unless requested. Campers can request roommates on their camp registration form. A leader from your church’s group can also suggest roommates by submitting a group Rooming Request. Rooming requests must be turned in by 8 a.m. the Monday prior to camp.

How many people stay in each room?

Each room has 2 bunk beds, so a maximum of 4 people stay in each room. If more than 4 campers request to room together, we try to place them in rooms next to each other.

A teen in our group wants to come to camp, but needs a handicap accessible room and a wheelchair. Can you provide these?

We do not provide wheelchairs, but your camper is welcome to bring his own wheelchair. You can note on your Room Request form that your group needs first-floor or elevator-accessible rooms.

My group has many younger campers. How will they be roomed?

Campers will be roomed by age. For optimal supervision, campers who aren’t in high school always room with a sponsor.


Is there an informational flyer or brochure about Teen Extreme that I can hand out to my youth group?

Yes, you can print a PDF of the camp brochure. Or you can e-mail Reservations@TeenExtremeCamp.com to have a brochure PDF e-mailed to you.

If I complete the group registration online, does that reserve a spot for my whole group, even though I haven’t filled out all the registration forms yet?

No, each participant must complete the registration form and pay the registration fee to reserve their spot.

What weeks of camp are currently open?

Visit the Speakers page to see which weeks of camp are open.

If a week of camp is full, is there a waiting list?

Yes, once a week is full you can register to be placed on the waiting list. If an opening becomes available, we will contact you to verify your reservation.

If our church is paying the registration fee for the teens in our youth group, can our campers still register individually online?

Yes. They can register, but they should select the option to “Pay the Youth Director” (at the end of the registration process). Their registration will be submitted, but not finalized until your church pays the registration fee.

My youth group is small; do I need to send sponsors with them? If so, how many sponsors are required?

We recommend that at least one sponsor attends with your group, because they help the teens stay on track with activities, games, and services throughout the week. We’ve found that the best sponsor to camper ratio is 1:6, and depending on the size of your group, sponsors may be able to attend for free! Visit the Cost and Offers page for information.

How many registrations are required to be considered a “group”?

At least three campers and one sponsor is a group.

Online Accounts

How can I make payments for camp online?

Log in to your group’s account under the “My Account” tab on the website. You’ll see how much your group owes and be able to make credit card payments on that page.


If a camper has registered but can’t attend camp, how do I cancel his spot?

If your group registered online, the person who created the registration can log in to the account and cancel his spot. You can also call the Reservation Office (850) 969-1555 to cancel a registration.

If my camper who registered and paid in full with our church group decides not to come, can we be refunded?

Yes. We will refund all but the registration fee, through the method that it was paid. Registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No refunds are available if a participant attends any part of a week.


Can youth directors and sponsors bring a laptop to camp, and is Internet access available?

Youth directors and sponsors are welcome to bring a computer, and Internet access is available just for them. We ask that campers do not bring electronic devices, like tablets or laptops.

Are campers checked on to make sure they’re in the residence halls every night?

After campers return to their residence halls, camp leaders check each room to make sure every camper is accounted for.

Will my camper be well supervised throughout the week?

Camp leaders supervise and interact with campers at every game, activity, meal, and service. They also stay in the residence halls and are available to meet campers’ needs 24/7.