Teen Extreme Youth Camp

Sponsor FAQs

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Please see the Group FAQs section for additional information.


Do I need to register as a sponsor?

Yes. Each sponsor must register individually. Register here.

How do I register as a sponsor/youth director?

Create an account by going to the Register drop-down and selecting “Sponsor.” The system will then walk you through filling out and submitting the registration. The registration and the registration fee must be submitted at the same time.

Note: If your church group has opted to pay the registration fees, the system will ask for a passcode that the youth director has created instead of asking for credit card information.


Do sponsors stay in the residence hall with the campers?

Even if your group does qualify for a free Campus House room, we recommend at least one leader stays in the residence halls with the campers.

Are the residence halls co-ed? May married couples stay together?

Campers are separated into residence halls by gender, so married couples staying with campers would stay in separate buildings. If desired, married couples may find accommodations in the Campus House or off campus to stay together.


What is the cost for sponsors?

Sponsors pay the same rate as campers with a group unless qualified for a special group offer.

As a sponsor, do I stay with my campers at all times?

It’s not required, but we do encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your campers.

May sponsors bring younger children to camp?

If leaders need to bring their younger children along, the Campus House or local hotels are available for accommodations. Younger children are not permitted to stay in the residence halls with campers or to participate in activities. The children must stay with the leader at all times during camp but are welcome to join campers for services and meals. We do have camps available for younger children: Camp o’ the Pines and Sports Center Day Camp.

May sponsors bring electronic devices to camp, and is Internet access available?

Yes. Sponsors are welcome to bring electronic devices and Internet access is available just for them. We ask that campers do not bring electronic devices such as tablets or laptops. Campers are permitted to bring cell phones; however, we encourage these to be used for communication purposes only.