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Camper FAQs

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How do I register my camper?

Create an account by going to the Register drop-down and selecting “Camper.” The system will ask you for your name as the parent/legal guardian in order to create the account. The system will then walk you through filling out and submitting the registration. The registration and the registration fee must be submitted at the same time.

Note: If your church group has opted to pay the registration fees, the system will ask for a passcode that the church created instead of asking for credit card information. If your camper requires a Medical Release form, registrations will be finalized and payment(s) processed after the Medical Release form has been received and reviewed.

If my camper cancels, can we be refunded?

Yes. We will refund all but the registration fee through the method it was paid. The registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No refunds are available if a participant attends any part of a week.


Where will my camper stay?

Your camper will stay in a college residence hall room with up to four other campers. If your camper is attending with a group, the group is roomed together. To see more, take a look at Lodging.

May my camper bring personal paintball equipment, rock-climbing gear, etc.?

Campers and sponsors may bring their own rock-climbing gear and their own mask and protective gear for paintball (must be checked by camp staff before use) but may not bring their own paintball guns. However, because Teen Extreme is not responsible for damage or loss of anything you bring to camp, we don’t recommend bringing your own equipment. Paintball guns and paintballs as well as masks and protective gear will be provided.

How do I sign my camper up for paintball, Segway tours, Escape Room, or West Campus?

There will be an activities booth in the Sports Center where your camper may sign up for extra activities.


May my camper request roommates?

Absolutely! Just include the names of the campers your camper would like to stay with on the registration form.

When should my camper get there?

Camp check-in starts at 12:30 p.m. on Monday and goes until 2:30 p.m. After check-in, your camper can get acquainted with the camp during a brief orientation video and then settle into the residence hall, visit with friends, and get to know other campers.

What if my camper leaves something at camp?

We collect and store lost items during and after camp and hold lost items for two weeks after camp. Give us a call if your camper left something behind, and we’ll try to find it for you.

What should my camper pack?

Take a look at the What to Bring section for a list of clothing and other items your camper will need.

May my camper come a day or two early or stay a day or two late?

No. Unfortunately, on-campus accommodations are unavailable outside of camp dates.

May my camper who will be in seventh grade this coming school year come to camp?


May my camper who just graduated from high school (class of 2019) come to camp?


How much spending money should my camper bring?

It’s up to them! If your camper wants to go to West Campus, play paintball, take a Segway tour, and try the Escape Room, then at least $50 should be brought as each extra activity costs $12.50. All three meals (along with dessert) are provided, but your camper might want extra for snacks, souvenirs, etc.

What kind of supervision is provided during the week?

Teen Extreme takes place on an enclosed campus that is staffed with a security team and sheriff department presence. Our camp leaders supervise and interact with campers at every game, activity, meal, and service. They also stay in the residence halls and are available to meet campers’ needs 24 hours a day during the camp week.

Are campers checked on to make sure they’re in the residence halls every night?

Yes. After campers return to their residence halls at the end of the day, camp leaders check each room to make sure every camper is accounted for.


Do all campers need to fill out a Medical Release form?

A Medical Release form must be submitted for all campers if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The camper has a current medical, emotional, behavioral, or physical condition.
  • The camper has severe food or environmental allergies which may require the use of an Epi-pen.
  • The parent or legal guardian wants the camp nurse to keep and administer any routine or as-needed prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins/supplements, or essential oils brought by the camper.

Do you have accommodations for campers with food allergies?

We offer a variety of food options, including gluten-free selections; however, we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. Campers may bring their own food along with a cooler for items that might require refrigeration. Ice machines are located in each residence hall.

Is there a nurse on duty during camp?

Yes, we have a camp nurse on duty 24 hours a day during the camp week.

Are campers required to turn in medications?

No. Medications only need to be turned in if the parent/legal guardian would like the camp nurse to keep and/or administer the medication to the camper.

Where do I send the Medical Release form?

You may e-mail, fax, or mail the completed Medical Release form to our office.

877-828-1798 or 850-479-6576
Teen Extreme
P.O. Box 18500
Pensacola, FL 32523

Is there a deadline to send in the Medical Release form?

As soon as possible! The camper’s registration and payment will not be processed until the Medical Release form is received and reviewed to determine if reasonable accommodation can be provided for your camper. Campers who arrive at check-in without a completed Medical Release form will not be able to participate in camp activities until the completed form is received.

My camper has allergies but does not carry or use an Epi-pen. Is a Medical Release form still required?

No. The Medical Release form is only required if your camper has severe food or environmental allergies which may require the use of an Epi-pen.

What if my camper wants to keep the Epi-pen to self-administer it? Is a Medical Release form still required?

Yes. Although your camper may keep the Epi-pen and not turn it in to the camp nurse, a Medical Release form must be completed and submitted in order for your camper to participate.

What are some examples of “medical/emotional/behavioral/physical conditions”?

These conditions include ADHD, ADD, asthma, ODD, autism/Asperger’s, diabetes, seizures, anxiety/depression, etc. However, this list is not all-inclusive.

What if my camper has a condition but has never seen a doctor for it or has not seen one recently?

If your camper’s condition is a current problem and/or something that will affect behavior or participation in camp, a Medical Release form must be completed and sent in.

My camper’s medications need to be refrigerated; is there a place to store them?

There are ice machines in each residence hall, and the camper is welcome to bring a cooler and keep it filled with ice to refrigerate the medications. If you would like our camp nurse to keep the medications, a Medical Release form will need to be filled out and turned in before the start of camp.

My camper needs a Medical Release form in order to attend camp, but we do not have a doctor. What do I do?

The Medical Release form can be filled out by a licensed healthcare professional at a walk-in clinic or Urgent Care facility.

Do you have handicap accessible accommodations? Do you provide wheelchairs?

Although camp-provided wheelchairs are not available, campers are welcome to bring their own. Please note on the Additional Information section of the registration form that your camper needs a first-floor or elevator-accessible room.